Partition wall

  • Partition wall
  • Duurzaam en flexibel
  • FRP = Food Resistant Panels
  • Geen ruimte verlies
  • Maximale Hygiëne
  • Onderhoudsarm
  • Schimmel- en bacteriewerend
  • Slagvast
  • Thermisch stabiel
  • Water- en vuilafstotend

In the food industry, it is of great importance that the walls in premises fulfill the HACCP requirements. In new buildings, one often looks at the typical solutions such as; tiles and steel or aluminum sandwich panels. Most common disadvantage of tiling is that this is not enough impact resistant, allowing glaze to get rid of the tiles or even cracking may occur. The joints break down and are difficult to clean. This creates serious places where bacteria can settle. After a long period of cleaning and cleaning arises often the joints wear. Steel or aluminum sandwich panels can rust or corrosion.

Wonderboard does not have these disadvantages. Wonderboard is no loss of space (because the panels to be used as retention walls) to be bonded directly on flat surfaces. Wonderboard panels can be glued as retention walls in plaster, gas or aerated concrete, steel insulation panels, masonry, tile, plaster and wood.

partition wall

Wonder board is a glass-fiber reinforced polyester sandwich panel with a thickness of 80 mm. The plate has a unique fused protective layer and therefore impact-resistant, 100% waterproof, easy to clean, etc. The plate is easy bonding to the above substrates.

Insulating and fire-safe operation

Thanks to the wall thicknesses of these systems, the panels are ideally suited for areas where needs to be isolated. these panels execution are also fireproof.


Sandwich panel 80mm
2500 x 1200
2750 x 1200
3000 x 1200