In the food industry it is very important that the ceilings in your premises meet the HACCP requirements. In the premises are different types of ceilings that we can realize. This is, of course, depending on the desired requirements in this space.

Wonderboard – Sandwichpanel 35
If you want to have the ability to rinse the ceiling directly with water and clean regularly, the sandwichpanel is advised. This is a panel with a thickness of 35mm and can be mounted directly on the ceiling. Or do you choose a framework to, for example, eliminate existing pipes / obstacles.
The fire class of the panel is standard Euroclass E according to EN 13501-1 and the core of the sandwichpanel is standard EPS 25. Different preferences in the core and fire class are possible.

Wonderboard – FRP ceiling tile 3mm
If you have an existing ceiling system with tiles 120×60 or 60×60, you can replace the existing tiles with the Wonderboard ceiling tile. These tiles have the same unique properties. This is not a inventory product and can be ordered from 1000m2 and more. At these numbers, you can determine the fire class, the colour and the relief. It is also possible to compile an insulating ceiling tile.

Wonderboard – Flat plastic panels
The flat plastic panels are used as ceiling on a wooden construction in the food industry. These panels have a width of 25cm and a length of 6m1.