2 at the 5 star restaurants in the Netherlands since 2012 to score enough to badly when it comes to hygiene in the kitchens. This examination of the Food Safety Authority has been revealed by journalists KRO-NCRV. The restaurants are tapped their fingers because roams around in the kitchen pest, the careless storage of products and unsanitary walls and ceilings.

The Netherlands has 106 starred restaurants of which 79 have been inspected by the Food Safety Authority. These inspections are unannounced happened and this has resulted that 31 starred received an official warning. The warnings zoal concern; pest, the shelf life of the products, but especially how filthy the area where the food is prepared.

Opt for hygienic walls and ceilings

It is really alarming that this problem occurs in the restaurants. You assumes a starred restaurant has enough knowledge about hygiene and know what the guidelines are.

Many existing restaurants have old tile walls or steel walls that are very outdated and are a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Nowadays there are much better alternatives! The use of hygienic wall, ceiling and flooring solutions Wonderboard can help in this.

Wonderboard, that’s the solution!

Miracle Board is a thermally stable product, which means it is ideal for use in areas where extreme temperatures occur (eg kitchens). Besides withstand extreme temperatures, they are very easy to clean, simply place the existing tile wall, impact resistant, they comply with the HACCP guidelines, fungal and bacterial resistant and water- and dirt-repellent.

In many kitchens is wonderful board already applied and by making it easy to clean, too time-saving. Here the end user again benefits.

How much time it will take to renovate a kitchen?

This of course varies per area of the kitchen. But by Wonderboard direct bonding is much faster than ordinary tiling. This means that operational processes need not stand still.

Wonderboard in a 2 star restaurant

Recently a two-star restaurant renovated Wonderboard wall covering with stainless steel skirting boards. The existing tile walls needed to be replaced, the connections with sealant peeling causing cracks arose where dirt and bacteria were able to settle easily. Thanks Wonderboard this restaurant can serve again years ahead and exquisite cuisine to its customers.

onhygiënische keukens

A renovation or a new kitchen in the offing?

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