Very recently Wonderboard is used in a renovation of a kitchen in a restaurant with two Michelin stars.

The kitchen did not meet the hygiene requirements of the times and also there were traces wear to see the work in the kitchen. Due to these reasons, it was decided to resolve this by Wonderboard hygienic wall and ceiling panels in combination with stainless steel bumpers and moldings for the benefit of the outside corners.

2-component adhesive compound

The connection of the Wonderboard panels is equipped with the 2-component adhesive. Thanks to the two-component adhesive creates a connection over which there is no loss of space. Dirt will, through this connection, does not accumulate in places you can not reach a hygienic solution.

The realization of this project has lasted a week that produced a beautifully finished result. The restaurant’s kitchen is equipped with a hygienic solution which gives a very sleek and modern look. The Wonderboard panels are very easy to clean, mold, water and dirt resistant, impact resistant, resistant to corrosion and fading to the core.

HACCP restaurant

Thanks to the hygienic walls, floors and ceiling meets the restaurant with HACCP guidelines. This makes the restaurant can maintain two Michelin stars and proceed with preparing wonderful meals for her clients. Who knows, 3rd Michelin star in the offing …

We are proud that our Wonderboard products can be seen in one of the most gourmet restaurants in the Netherlands.