Contrary to popular belief, the Wonderboard products are fireproof and they have a fire class C s3 d0 and B s2 d0 and the standard in accordance with EN 13501-1. What this fire class, how it is created, which you can read below!

Fire safety regulations on fire safety of miracle board
Brandveiligheid van wonderboard

Since February 8, 2000 the European Union adopted an international standard when it comes to fire classification. Fire rating is divided into three layers: buildings, structures and materials. The fire is expressed in Euro Classes.

This standard should by any country which is a member of the European Union, are being pursued. In addition to these standard countries can determine whether these requirements are high enough, that is not the case, countries may impose more stringent regulations on its own.

Where a fire rating based on?

Fire class of materials is based on three possible forms of fire.


European kasse ring fire class material fire behavior in practice
A1 No contribution incombustible
A2 Hardly contribution Practical incombustible
B Very limited contribution Very difficult inflammable
C Contribution Combustible
D Large contribution Well flammable
E Very high contribution Highly flammable
F Highly flammable Hazardous contribution
Smoke formation Smoke production
s0 No smoke
s1 Low smoke
s2 Average smoke
s3 Big smoke
Drop formation Burning drops (immediate danger)
d0 No production of burning parts
d1 burning less than 10 seconds
d2 burn longer than 10 sec

Brandveiligheid van wonderboard

In addition to these three key indicators are also taken into account the time flame, heat
development, brand extension and temprature increases. For incandescent and smoldering fires there is no specific classification euro.

How do they test the fire?

I hear you thinking, “how do you figure out under what fire class is a material? Well that is simple, there is an open flame is created, then considers how the material behaves in three possible forms: Fire, smoke and droplet formation.

Watch a movie here how panels of different materials behave in a fire.

fireproof wall panels Wonderboard

Wonder board is made of a special type of polyester resin which is combined under high-strength glass fiber reinforced fiberglass. Wonderboard is, thanks to the materials used, supplied in Euroclass according to EN 13501-1.

Wonderboard is available in various thicknesses that are located in different fire classes. Call 030 657 90 20 or mail for information about the product and the different fire classes.

Two birds with one blow!

Besides being Wonderboard wall and ceiling systems to meet all hygiene requirements, the panels lend itself perfectly to the fire safety of the building or project. Beat 2 birds with one blow and contribute to fire safety and hygiene Wonderboard wall and ceiling systems.