Wonderboard has become a frequently used product for renovations or new buildings where hygienic walls are a requirement. Wonderboard is the market leader and trendsetter when it comes to HACCP walls and ceilings. Not only the high quality materials make this happen, but the mechanics and installers are also catered for by several simple methods of assembly.


The Wonderboard sheet material can be mounted in two ways as a wall system. During renovation, the plates can be glued directly to the existing wall. Does not the wall consist of tiles, plastic or metals? Then the plates can be mounted on a regulator. Apply the rule to the existing wall and confirm the Wonderboard plates against this rule.

Direct gluing

When assembling, there are a number of points to consider. Starting at the room where the renovation takes place. This space must be at least 10 degrees. Dry the walls, not just for sight, but make sure the moisture is actually out of the walls. Use a build-up dryer or make sure that the heating is in the highest position for some time. After drying, it is important to clean the wall properly. Use a specially manufactured cleaner for this purpose.

The wall is now dry and clean, high time to confirm the Wonderboard plates. The attachment is done by an adhesive primer if the existing wall is not porous. This primer ensures that the glue used will adhere to both surfaces (existing wall and the Wonderboard plates). The actual connection is made by applying glue using a kit sprayer.


Like the mounting, the wonderboard discs can be connected in two ways. The connection can be made using connecting profiles or via a 2-component adhesive compound.

For connection to profiles, there are inside, outside, end and connecting profiles for a tight finish. For a tight and seamless connection we have the special 2-component adhesive connection. This glue is applied between the plates, spreading it over the plates for about 2mm on both plates. Thanks to the tape that is applied to the plates, the glue will not spread further. You can see the final result next to it.

Uitgebreide montage instructie

This is a brief description of the mounting capabilities of Wonderboard. Click here for a step by step assembly instruction that will discuss and explain all additional factors. In addition to the written explanation, there is also a video about the installation of Wonderboard plates with direct adhesion. Check out the installation video here

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