The last time the world is in turmoil when it comes to the fabric bisphenol A. Bisphenol A (BPA) is a synthetic organic compound, which is mainly used in the production of plastics, a hard maker. It is even one of the most produced chemicals in the world, two million tons per year. This fabric is used in various products such as receipts, building materials, packaging of food, medical aid and in recent years even in makeup.

bpa vrijMen this dust can easily get into the body through the mouth, skin contact and inhalation. The fabric can easily migrate into the food or in the air. According to sources, 90% of the population of America have this substance in his or her body. Belgium, Denmark and Sweden have already taken steps to ban baby bottles containing this substance and going, in the recent future,  ban the food packaging that contains this substance. It won’t be long before the other plastics, that come with the human touch, to prohibit this.

We deviate, what does this mean for Wonderboard

bpa vrijWonderboard is made of plastic which is reinforced with glassfiber and polyester. This is the right composition for hygienic walls and ceilings that meet all the stringent quality and HACCP guidelines. Because the fabric is widespread in building materials, it is important to know how this sits with the goods of Wonderboard that is made out of plastic.

We can reassure you regard the speck Bisphenol A (BPA) which is not incorporated into the plastic of Wonderboard. This means it has no emissions of this substance and the products can be produced in a hygienic way, also employees will not come in contact with this substance. This is consistent with the label of low emission interior materials. No uninvited emission of odors or unsanitary substances in the relevant area.

Construction or renovation of a production area

Wonderboard hygienic wall and ceiling is frequently used in production areas where hygiene plays a (big) role. In various industries Wonderboard is already being used; bakers, butchers, chemical industry, cleanrooms, (large) kitchens, sanitation facilities, hospitals and dairies.

Working on plans for a new building or renovation of production space? Be informed on order already free Wonderboard package to experience the product.