Wonderboard is a product of Milin B.V.


Milin B.V. stands for Miltenburg Industries and was founded in 2003. Registered at the Chamber of Commerce Utrecht with number: 11057400. Milin B.V. is the specialist in developing, marketing, operate and manage sustainable finishing materials. For new construction and renovation Milin B.V. has a high-quality solution.
Company structure

 Company structure

In the Milin organization are 30 people active. In the Organization are different departments, in addition to the managing directors, each with their own manager (s); section: sales with below: inside sales, outside sales and customer service – purchasing department – administration with below: staff department – expedition – logistics – product development.


a partnership also requires flexibility. By the large stock in our warehouse of à 4.000 m2 , Milin stands for a guaranteed quick and adequate delivery, where we also give hearing to emergency transports. “Also we have a pickup desk where the customer can instantly pick up materials at any time of the day” , Miltenburg says. “But flexibility is more than just the delivery of materials. Flexibility also applies to the amount of materials to take. You don’t have to take the whole pack if you need less.”